Hello, Waymaker.

I’m so happy you’re here!


Do you believe in synchronicities?

I believe you found this corner of my world for a reason.

Nothing happens by accident. :)

At your deepest level, you’re a creator.
Someone with a profound sense of purpose.

And perhaps, like me, you’ve always known you were different.

I remember in high school, in my graduating year, when each student was called to the guidance councillors office one by one to look through a giant catalogue of possible careers. We could choose to become a painter, a secretary, a nurse, or a plumber. Each one had it’s own “spec sheet,” which detailed the duties, responsibilities, and the “income caps” you could expect to reach if you stuck with this career consistently for the 45 years it would take to reach retirement…



My salary will average at $40,000 per year.

Responsibilities include: Creating and teaching lesson plans, engaging and communicating with students and parents, and grading papers…..”


I remember looking through this book and feeling so completely lost.

ALL of them held possibility, none of them were “wrong” or “bad,” yet I couldn’t find a single career that I could truly FEEL my purpose sitting in.

I remember flipping through those pages which were supposed to help me decide on the career I would do every single day until I retired, feeling devastated.

“What if I don’t belong anywhere in this book?

I started to wonder why I was so different from everyone else. I wanted to understand why there wasn’t a single page that contained MY purpose and desires.
Was I some sort of wildling or rogue animal who didn’t belong in the modern world?

Today, I see things much more clearly. I realize that this way of doing things isn’t my weakness at all - It is my superpower.
And I’m not as alone as I once thought. In fact, there are many others just like me.

I am the Wild Woman.


Today, I recognize why that experience was so difficult for myself, and for many others like me.

Because we are the Wild Women of this era. We are multi-faceted beings, and as such, we struggle to identify with only one single “thing.”

We can be a teacher AND a writer, AND a coach, and whatever else we declare that we are.

It is our birthright, after all.

We want to be in COMPLETE control of our income, and for NO limit or cap to exist in what we choose to create.

We want our life’s work to flow like a river along our creative peaks and valleys, and we want all of the unique facets of who we are to be part of that work.

To some, the work we create might seem unorthodox. To others, it is the very medicine they have been seeking for generations.

“SO You mean…You WANT to work on the weekend sometimes?”

Yes, concerned friend.

Because when you love what you do, you never have to “work” a day in your life. ;)

Introducing: Wild Woman - The Mastermind

For the women who move mountains.

Who have always felt “different” but could never quite put their finger on WHY.

Who have a profound sense of purpose.

The creators.

That feel electricity in their veins every moment they are doing what they love.

For the women who want to experience growth in their business while still tapping into balance between work and family.

Because in this world, you actually DO get to have it all.

The family life you desire. Travel. Time freedom. Wealth. A CAREER YOU’RE PROUD TO CALL “Your life’s work.”

The magic begins July 8th.

You can expect:

  • Weekly 1:1 Hot Seat Style Coaching (6 weeks - Calls are Tuesdays @ 700PM EST)
    You will receive 1:1 time with myself on each call to focus on WHATEVER it is you want to focus on in your business. (Wealth, mindset, social media strategy, course creation, etc.)

  • Unlimited mastermind messaging via Facebook Messenger with all participants, including myself. This means that as roadblocks or fears come up, we as a tribe can collectively support you through it. You’ll be plugged into the energy of this mastermind every day for the entire 6-weeks.

*Access to our 100% private Facebook group housing all participants. All live trainings will be recorded and saved to the group so you can re-watch as many times as you’d like over our time together!

Beta round: $1,222 USD
Payment plans are available upon request, and program must be paid in full before the mastermind begins.
Mastermind is also available as a bundle with PULSE - Contact for details


Abundance is always present. It is us that create our limitations.

You have been taught that you must try to shatter glass ceilings, but the ceiling does not exist. The cage isn’t there, and the walls have been created by your beliefs.

So my only question is: Are you ready to claim what’s yours?

(PLEASE NOTE: Space is very limited. Please apply with the investment and commitment in mind. Due to the nature of this program, your purchase is non-refundable)