Have you ever wondered…

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…Babe, I hear you loud & clear.

And it’s the reason I created something special just for you.

Introducing: Pulse

The ONLY 40-day intensive online program

designed to help you create life-changing programs that SELL.


And our journey begins on May 13th


I’ll never forget the very first month of my practice.

I was brand new. I was excited. I was focused.

Then, a fellow practitioner friend called to let me know she was quitting her business after just one year.

The reason: She couldn’t see how it could
EVER be a sustainable, long-term
income source. She felt like she’d have to
hustle her entire life away.
Her passion had become something she
couldn’t even enjoy anymore.

Talk about discouraging.

Spending her days constantly trying to find the next client was exhausting, and it was making her feel like she couldn’t focus on the purpose-driven work she felt called to do.

Once she started working with a few clients, she was making hardly anything for all of her hard work, making it impossible to do what she loved as anything more than a side hustle.

Learning how to juggle all of the various social media outlets seemed next to impossible.

And she even said, “I just don’t know a single practitioner who was able to do this as a full-time career.”

“The most I’ve seen anyone make in an entire year in this line of work was $15k….And that was with an INSANE amount of hustle.

No, no, no, no, no.

Not only did I straight up refuse to listen to the advice that I should get out while I still can,

but I also started wondering: How many others

I chose to keep doing the work; Not just for my clients, but also to
show other practitioners and coaches that it was ABSOLUTELY possible to live a life on fire.

I couldn’t allow myself to believe that there was no way to live out my dream.

I kept moving forward, I hired coaches of my own, and I made lots of mistakes.

But over time, I started to really understand the
strategies behind making an online business work.

And when it all finally made sense, things shifted FAST.

I started helping a lot more people, in a lot less time. And y’know what?

Their results were better, too.


In my first month of business, I made $106.16

BY my 10th month of business, I WAS earning $10,000.00+ MONTHS.

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I share this with you to show you that I’ve been in your shoes.

In the trenches.

Uncertain of what to post on social media to connect with those who were desperately seeking support from someone like me.

Dozens of big plans but no clue how to piece them into the program of my client’s dreams.

Million dollar ideas while making pennies for my effort.

I was there, until I learned the strategies that changeD everything
for myself, and for every single client I am blessed to work with.

Hi! I’m Michelle.


Just a few short years ago (and amidst my first years of motherhood, no less), a gut illness nearly took my life.

It took several years, tens of thousands of dollars, dozens of tests, specialists, many conventional and holistic practitioners and reaching a point of near sepsis before I finally found someone who could help me find the cause of my suffering.

I had what is recognized by the CDC as one of the most deadly pathogens one can get, which claims the lives of hundreds of thousands of people every year.

I reached the point of acute kidney damage before anyone could figure out what was wrong with me.

(Oh - And BTW, this all happened in my first year of business. Talk about pressure to succeed!)

On top of this, my husband was deployed overseas with the military, leaving me home alone with our toddler Nate and 1,600kms from any family support. I was amidst a health crisis that required me to slow the F down, while also juggling my brand new role of single parent.

NOT HEALING wasn’t an option.

Could I squeeze in a second job to pay for medical bills while also being a full-time single mom, while also learning how to get my practice off the ground and still ensuring ample time to rest, heal, and recover?



My medical bills during my first year of business ALONE (with NO safety net!) came to well over $10,000.00.

They say an entrepreneur jumps out of a plane
& builds a parachute on the way down.

And That’s EXACTLY what I had to do.

While my journey to entrepreneurship might have been an extreme case of what can happen, it doesn’t make YOUR family’s needs or your desire to do what you love any less important.

I know you need this just as much as I did.

And I pray that I never have to hear another woman say, “I am letting go of my dreamS” ever again.


… If you’re tired of winging it,

… If you’re ready to formulate your very own systems that WORK time and time again,

… If you have an indescribable need to help a shit-ton of people,

… If you want to FINALLY feel confident in your business and your capabilities as the leader you were born to be,

Then let’s do the damn thing.

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One of the best strategies I implemented in my online practice was the use of group programs. It worked 1000X better for myself AND for my clients, and it even resulted in a stronger 1:1 coaching practice!

Here’s why:

✓ Group programs allow you to help MORE people in LESS time. (The key to actually having a life outside of your business - Hallelujah!)

✓ Clients tend to get even better results. Having a community of people doing the program together provides that extra dose of motivation that can often be missing from one-on-one programs alone.

✓ Better results = More testimonials. The SOCIAL PROOF you need to help your business (and your bank account) grow exponentially!

✓ Group programs provide your clients with a TRIBE. They never feel alone, they make new friends that are on a similar path, and it gives them a deeper sense of motivation and accountability. (BTW - This also frees up more of your time, because members often help each other while learning how to become self-sufficient in their new journey.

✓ Group programs mean you can stop chasing that next client EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Yes babe: You can finally leap off that hamster wheel and just focus on doing what you love!

✓ Group programs = More referrals! If your program gave someone the experience of a lifetime, it’s pretty hard not to tell others about it! Deliver the experience of a lifetime and watch your side hustle become your CAREER.

✓ MORE one-on-one clients! If you wow your tribe in a group program, they’ll often want to dive even deeper into your energy by committing to extra one-on-one time with you!


  • Four weekly live AND recorded intensive video training sessions on all things course creation. Whether you catch the videos live or you have a crazy schedule and would prefer to watch the recordings later, these videos will pull you into the energy with us and allow you to immerse yourself in this learning. The schedule is 100% flexible to suit your busy lifestyle!

  • A printable online workbook to help build your confidence and guide you through the process from start to finish!

  • Access to our 100% private Facebook community of fellow PULSE entrepreneurs and visionaries. A space to connect, ask questions and make life-changing new business connections!

  • Priority access to yours truly—A Holistic Nutritionist & Business Coach who has BEEN THERE. I’m here to help you succeed!

  • BONUS! 10 days to implement what you’ve learned, and two 60-minute LIVE Q+A sessions - An opportunity to gain deeper insights on course creation and to ask questions to support the unique needs of YOUR business. The goal is not just to teach you this stuff, but to facilitate space where you can take action quickly!

    No fluff. No excess. Just a 40-day intensive deep-dive into the
    thing that will keep a pulse on your business.

    You, and your very own signature program.

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In Pulse, you’ll learn:

✓ Everything you need to know about going LIVE on social media. (If going live isn’t your thing, this module will change everything for you!
It will change how you show up for your community, and this will absolutely reflect in income.”

✓ The WHY & HOW of creating a social media drip (that doesn’t sound salesy AF, and positions you as the expert you are!) This includes blog posts, Pinterest pins, Tailwind, Facebook pages & groups, and Instagram. (Note that this is NOT a HOW-TO social media course, but we will cover the topic of using social media to market your programs. If you’d like to dive deeper into how to master social media, ask me about my 6-week business mastermind, which launches immediately after Pulse!)

✓ Webinars - Why or why not use them to market your program? How to deliver a knockout webinar that captivates your community.

✓ How to price your programs.

✓ How to store your program / Program delivery.

✓ How to build a body of work that aligns with your your heart, your message and your purpose. (The PULSE of your biz!)

✓ How to collaborate with others to boost engagement and sell more programs to the people who need your content the most.

✓ How to make a bomb-diggity sales page (and how to write copy that actually pulls your reader in)

✓ The basics of emails & e-newsletters.

✓ How to participate in the program yourself - Why & how YOU show up matters!

✓ The easiest method to creating your own program from start to finish (that doesn’t take months to complete - I promise!)

The result:

You, stepping into the leader you KNOW you were meant to be.


And they can work for you, too.

Don’t spend another ounce of energy thinking about where to start or what to post, because this program takes the away the guesswork. It puts YOU in the drivers seat of your future and allows you to do the work you came here to do. Just give me 40 days - That’s it.

It’s time to build the business of your dreams.

The only question is…

Are you ready?

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I’ve got you.

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So quit hiding your magic.

You are capable.

You are worthy of this new level of yourself and your business.

You have so many gifts to share with this planet.

You deserve wealth.

And you’re just getting started, babe.

Need extra support?

I hear you. There is no manual for entrepreneurship. If you feel like you could benefit from one one-on-one time with a coach to dive deeper into any aspect of your business (social media strategy, branding, marketing, course creation, pricing, OR if you just have questions about PULSE, shoot me a DM and I will share a few options on how we can work together.
My email is hello@michellebreau.com, but the fastest way to reach me is through Instagram @immichellebreau.