004: Conscious Entrepreneurship with Shan MacLaggan

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Shan MacLaggan (IG: @anupaya) is the Co-Founder of Anupaya, an outdoor inspired quality goods company with a strong environmental stewardship mandate. Through Anupaya’s One Pound Promise initiative, this bcorp certified social enterprise commits to taking care of our shared wild spaces by removing a pound of waste for every product sold, hosting and funding community cleanups across Canada and around the world.

Shan also directs Anupaya Adventure, a thoughtful, off the beaten path travel company curating adventures for people who give a damn. Offering authentic, culturally diverse experiences, both at home and abroad, while giving back to the communities they visit and hosting cleanups along the way.

Deeply committed to sustainable business practices and social and environmental responsibility, this long time entrepreneur and risk taker gets really excited about using business as a powerful tool for change in the world.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How the idea of Anupaya and the “One Pound Promise” began.

  • Why it’s okay to change gears in life and entrepreneurship, and how this can actually bring you deeper into alignment with your purpose.

  • What it’s like to work with your spouse behind the scenes and how to find balance through that journey.

  • Why you should write a resumé if you’re an entrepreneur.

  • The power business owners have to make real change on the planet, and why it’s important to vote with your dollar.

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