002: Biohack your Health with Bryan Hardy

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Bryan Hardy (IG: @bryanhardy7) is a Holistic Nutritionist (CNP) and Integrative Wellness Coach who specializes in optimizing digestive function and assisting the bodies natural ability to recover, be it from injury, surgery, exercise, or the daily stress of modern life.

He recognizes that the chronic mental and physical health issues that are plaguing our population today are largely a result of our lifestyles and diets and as such, he helps clients create sustainable habits to live more empowered and resilient lives. He hosts the Redefining Reality Podcast, runs an online health coaching practice, facilitates wellness events/retreats, and works in person at Lawrence Park Health and Wellness Centre (Mid-Town Toronto) as the in house Bio-Hacker and Human Optimizer.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • 8:15: What biohacking actually means, and how we can utilize light to biohack our health.

  • 14:00: How blue light can impact human physiology.

  • 21: 40: Fasting: Is it good for me? 

  • 30:45: What a well-formulated Keto diet actually looks like, and how to figure out whether you may be a good candidate for this style of eating.

  • 40:00 CBD: What is it? Does it actually provide benefit to the human body?

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Connect with Bryan via Instagram, his website, and his podcast: Redefining Reality.

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