Michelle's Philosophy 

I believe that the best medicines can come from our own backyard in the form of whole, nutrient-dense foods, herbs, spices and more, and my goal is to educate and inspire those who want a deeper understanding of how to use them.

But that's just the first piece of the puzzle. 

If you've already skimmed across the page that explains what a Holistic Nutrition actually is, you know that there is so much more to YOU than what you eat. My job is to focus on you as the whole, unique, beautiful, and complex individual that you are. We'll discuss topics like how often you move, how you feel, how you think, and how well you sleep, to name a few.

In short, my goal is to help you achieve true, honest-to-goodness well-being from head to toe.


Here are a few things you should know about me

1. I'm not a fan of restrictions.


Studies show that as soon as you tell yourself you can't have something, you want it even more. Crazy, right? Because of this, I don't do mega complicated meal plans with 8,600 crazy ingredients, and I don't like leaving you feeling restricted or deprived. I mean, sure - I'm going to suggest you ditch certain foods that are seriously bad for you (I'm lookin' at you, margarine!), and I aim to practice balance, but ultimately, you are the leader and I am simply your guide. The sky's the limit!


2. I am not your boss.

Did you notice what I said in #1? I am simply your guide. The coolest thing about you achieving your goals is that you get the bragging rights for all of your hard work! I don't give you a laundry list of things you must do in order to succeed, because let's face it -  that tends to not work in today's busy world anyway! Instead, I offer ideas and insight, but leave you in the driver's seat. Pretty cool, huh?

3. I really, really dig food.

Who are those people who skip meals anyway? I seriously could plan my entire day around when I get to eat. 

Food is what fuels us and creates a foundation for health, but I also believe that food is much more than that. There's something really lovely about sitting around the picnic table enjoying a BBQ with family, or watching your child's face light up when you pass them a beautiful piece of chocolate almond bark. My philosophy behind food is that it's okay to enjoy it - I mean really, really love it, without a side of guilt that you've gotta deal with later. Food is meant to be enjoyed, and I will never try to take that from you.

4. I take this whole holistic thing seriously.

When you work alongside a Holistic Nutritionist, you'll probably expect to learn about food. That's a given.

But don't be surprised if we start chatting about other areas of your lifestyle and how it all works together. I'm talking sleep, stress, energy, supplements (only if necessary), exercise and more. Whatever you're open to discussing that fits in the realm of your ultimate wellbeing can totally be part of the picture.

Why? Because I want you to feel really, really awesome.