Personal Coaching

This crazy thing happens when we really, TRULY connect with the right business coach,

we start to realize that everything we thought about coaching isn’t actually true.

They’re NOT here to tell you what to do,
nor can they give you the “magic formula”
to smashing success.



…until I became a practitioner and really dove into what it meant to reflect someone’s own desires and values back to them.

A year after launching my practice, I learned this lesson again on a whole other level by hiring my first business coach.

My mind was BLOWN by all that followed.


I’m Michelle. A Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Business Coach,
and Headmistress of
GROWradio, the podcast.

In the beginning of launching my Holistic Nutrition practice, a close friend was in the process of letting her practice go after only one year.

While that might discourage some, or flood their head with thoughts like, “I guess this means it’s just too tough to ‘make it’ in this business,” this wasn’t how I felt at all.

I knew this person was passionate, and intelligent, and had amazing gifts to share.

I knew that deep down, she wanted this more than anything.

But her joy was taken.


Her work became the thing she dreaded. It became all about the money

because it HAD to be in order for her business to work.

Her decisions were coming from a place of desperation and need,

rather than from a place of desire and expansion.


FACT: You cannot create a flourishing body of work
from a place of desperation.

But if you feel desperation, or lack, or NEED in your business,
it doesn’t make you a failure, either.

It simply means there is more to uncover here.



And when I really DECIDED, things happened fast.

I distinctly remember the month that everything changed in my practice. Everything clicked.

In my first month of business, I made $106.16.

In my 10th month of business, I earned my first $10,000+ month.

Because when it clicks, it clicks. :)

For the highly driven woman who refuses to settle for anything less than the life’s work she’s called to create.

For the woman who knows she is made for more, and is ready to claim it.

She has a deep desire to serve and powerfully lead a community, a tribe, a sisterhood.

Welcome to your next level, babe.


How to get started:

In order to ensure we’re the best fit for one another, I invite you to initiate the process by starting with a 60-minute call. During this session (held via Zoom), we can dive into any topic you’d like with your business and at the end of the call, we can discuss options for moving forward together, or recommendations can be made on support or resources to serve you. Commitment to join a monthly package after our call is entirely your choice, and upon registration for this 60-minute deep dive, you will receive an email to book our appointment within 2 business days.