How to Stop Self-Sabotage, and what it ACTUALLY means when we do it.


I recently spoke about self-sabotage in The GROWradio Listener’s Lounge, and your response was massive! So massive, in fact, that I decided to share this information in this short & sweet blog post.

When I broke down the explanation of what AMBIVALENCE is and how it can create a place where self-sabotage is a common result, many of you shared that this resonated with you on many levels.

Bringing awareness to WHY we sabotage ourselves is a great first step in uncovering how to move past it so we can achieve whatever it is we desire in our lives.

So without further adieu, here is a short, 6-minute video where I explain this concept in greater detail. I hope it serves as a useful tool when you reach for big things in your life. :)

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