NON-TOXIC SKINCARE 101 - A Holistic Nutritionist's Top Picks for Sunscreens, Makeup, Toothpaste, Natural Deodorants, and more!cast

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This post has been requested so often by the GROWradio Facebook Community that I decided it was finally time to make it happen for you guys! Feel free to save it, print it out, or PIN the above image so you can come back to it any time you need!

Introducing: THE MOTHERLOAD.

An exhaustive list of all of my favourite non-toxic skincare, oral health products and cosmetics, along with a few extra resources that can help you in figuring out how well your current products stack up. Hope you guys enjoy this one! And if I missed any great products or resources, feel free to share your top picks in the comments below!



1. The Green Beaver Company - I love this brand for Nate, and actually for myself, too! I use their baby sunscreen on my face and neck, and I love how easily they all are at massaging in! One of the biggest challenges with natural sunscreens (in my humble opinion) is that they don’t blend in well - But The Green Beaver Company never disappoints!


2. Badger Sunscreen Face Sticks - I absolutely LOVE these! I like to keep one of these in my bag in the summer. They’re super convenient and Badger is definitely a brand I recommend often in my practice.

3. Another brand I don’t currently have on hand to share a photo of, but I DO really love is Babo Botanicals. I find their sunscreen doesn’t blend quite as well as The Green Beaver Company, but the ingredients are clean and the product smells amazing!



1. Green Beaver Company - Can you tell I’m a fan of The Green Beaver Company? I use a number of their products! You can find this shampoo at Winners for a really affordable price, and it smells divine! Natural shampoos are a bit tricky because they don’t always leave your hair feeling silky smooth. It has taken me many months to find brands of natural shampoo I love, and this one is at the top of the list!

2. Sukin - I absolutely LOVE this company! I have tried a number of their products and they never disappoint. The ingredients are excellent, and the products work noticeably well. I purchased the Sukin shampoo and conditioner in a pack for about $10 at Winners, and the first time I used them Ryan said, “WOW! Your hair looks so beautiful today!” Ahem - Well, thank you very much! (It was totally the hair care!)

3. Avalon Organics - This is a brand of shampoo that can be found at Whole Foods. I love it because the ingredients are clean and pure, and you can buy a big bulk-sized bottle for around $20. Very much worth it! I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite shampoo, but I do like the idea of reducing waste, and this is the best bulk-sized option I have found to date!

4. Pure Anada - Be still, my heart! This shampoo was AWESOME! Pure Anada is a Canadian company with SO many products that I’m completely in love with. They’ve got natural nail polish (Yep, nail polish is actually SO toxic guys!), luscious face masks, makeup, and shampoo & conditioner. It smells amazing and it feels amazing, and of course, ingredients are on point! I also want to note that while many natural products are quite pricy, I have personally found Pure Anada’s products to be both affordable and effective.



1. The Honest Company - This one’s a bit more expensive at about $14 retail price at Walmart (check the baby section!), but I love the quality, the purity, and the smell. The Sweet Orange Vanilla is my current favourite, with Lavender coming in at a close second.

2. Sukin - Yep, these guys again. You’ll see them a number of times in this post because their products are excellent! Available at Winners, and on!



1. Sukin - See above for my ravings on this brand. Still waiting for them to pay me a salary for how often I brag about them! :)

2. Castile Soap - For Nate, we usually just bath him with a bit of unscented liquid Castile Soap, or we’ll sometimes add bubble bath from The Honest Company. My personal favourite brands of Castile Soap are Dr. Bronners and The Green Beaver Company, which can both likely be found at your local health food store, or Winners!



1. Crush & Brush by Nelson Naturals - Current obsession: Toothpaste in tablet form! Head over to this post to read more about this awesome, eco-friendly and non-toxic product. The ingredients are great, the packaging is free of plastic, and when you bite down on them, they foam up like toothpaste! Brilliant!


2. Waterpik & Periobrite Cleanse Solution - I have my Functional Medicine Practitioner to thank for this one! When I was quite sick with an infection a few years back, a stool test revealed a high level of a specific type of bacteria that tends to come from oral health issues! Lo and behold, I had a chipped tooth that took some time to get repaired, and this cleansing solution in my Waterpik was an excellent help in balancing this out for my body! I purchased the waterpik at Walmart for about $30, and the Periobrite Cleanse from It contains no fluoride, alcohol, preservatives, synthetic chemicals or solvents, artificial colours, dyes, or sodium lauryl sulfate.

My preference was to use 1 pump of the solution in my waterpik topped off with water, and then refill the waterpik with just water to rinse through a second time. Worked like a charm for me!

3. Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste - This is a brand you can likely find at your local drug store, and they are excellent! One word of caution though: They do also carry some toothpaste with fluoride, so you’ve got to check the labels if you’re avoiding that sort of thing. Case in point, if you zoom into the photo below, you’ll see that I accidentally purchased a tube with fluoride. Whoops! Yep, it even happens to me! #REALLIFE :)

4. The Green Beaver Company Toothpaste - I love this brand for toothpaste too! No fluoride, great flavour options like cinnamon and frosty mint - My personal favourite is the spearmint!



1. Tom’s of Maine - We use the fluoride-free brand for Nate and he loves it!

2. Nature Clean Kids - This is a new one we’re trying out and so far we like it! My only thought though: The Tom’s of Maine brand holds quite a bit more product for about the same price. Food for thought!



1. Pure Anada Men’s 2-in-1 Moisturizer & After-Shave Balm - Confession: This is my favourite lotion. It absorbs into my skin so nicely, and it has no scent. I like adding a drop of Frankincense essential oil to it before applying. Delicious! Pure Anada has such an excellent men’s line of products - I especially love this lotion and their lip balm, too!

2. St. Francis Herb Farm’s Calendula Vitamin E Cream - Another fan favourite! I love St. Francis Herb Farm and their products so much that I interviewed Caitlin, co-owner and herb farmer extraordinaire herself on GROWradio! This cream in particular is one that I love applying to my feet in the wintertime, then covering them with a pair of socks overnight. I also find it helpful to keep around for any mild skin irritations or mosquito bites. It’s a very soothing, mildly-scented cream with plenty of uses in our home. I always have a bottle kicking around in our holistic medicine cabinet!

3. 365 Everyday Value (Whole Foods Brand) - If you’re looking for an affordable bulk-sized bottle of lotion for everyday use, I really like this brand from Whole Foods. The ingredients are super simple, and the price point is right at about $8 for this mega-sized bottle!



1. Living Libations - Friends, I’m not sure if you’re well-versed in the world of body and facial oils just yet, but either way, I encourage you to get to know Living Libations. Pictured below is their super popular “Best Skin Ever” in both vanilla and sea buckthorn. Both are deliciously smooth and smell incredible!

The smaller red bottle pictured below is probably my favourite product mentioned in this entire blog post! It is the Rose Glow Serum made by Living Libations. I recently did a 30-day Gua Sha facial care challenge for myself using only this serum each day along with the green gua sha stone also pictured and my skin looked noticeably better in just a month! Perhaps in a future post I will show you the before and afters from this experiment to see if you notice a difference too!


Let me show you this bottle up close one more time for dramatic effect. I highly, highly recommend this delicious facial oil!


2. Castor Oil Products - Pictured below from left to right: A homemade facial oil made with organic castor oil, organic, cold-pressed olive oil and a mix of frankincense and lavender essential oils, a bottle of the Queen of the Thrones Organic Castor Oil (click here to see why quality matters so much when choosing a castor oil), and the Queen of the Thrones beauty castor oil as well! I use the homemade oils to do The Oil Cleansing Method to keep my face clean and to remove makeup, I use the big bottle of castor oil in making my facial oil, and I use the bottle on the far right before bed applied around my eyes and on my brows & lashes with the brush. I cover it with a sleep mask and drift off to sleep while my face is getting moisturized and my hair follicles are being stimulated for healthy growth!

But castor oil has far further reaching uses than just beauty - I also mention it in this blog post, which serves up 10 Holistic Hacks for Relieving Constipation!



1. Bentonite Clay - I love keeping a big container of this around for creating my own detox facial masks and even underarm masks too! Yep, I apply bentonite clay directly over my underarms to pull excess toxicity from this area, which is covered in lymph nodes!

My personal favourite face mask ingredients to use with bentonite clay are in the very first photo at the top of this blog post: Spirulina, bentonite clay, a dash of apple cider vinegar for the astringent quality, and Bee Powered (From Beekeepers Naturals - This is a product that contains raw honey, propolis, royal jelly, and bee pollen! You can also sub this out for any true raw, unpasteurized honey. Note that not all bee products are created equal! Click here to read a blog post where I explain this in greater detail.)


2. Natural Deodorant - My top picks for natural deodorants are the lavender scent from The Green Beaver Company, and anything from Schmidts (Which can also be found at Winners!). One thing I’d also like to note when it comes to natural deodorant is that our bodies can often become “used to” them, meaning I tend to need to change up the brand I’m using about once every 2 months or so.

3. Aluminum-free Anti-perspirant - My friends at The Green Beaver Company have done it again with one of their brand new line of products - Aluminum-free anti-perspirants! I was hesitant to try it at first because it had the word “fragrance” on the ingredients list, and I’ll be honest: I emailed the owner of the company directly. He replied promptly and explained exactly what they used, all of which I completely approved of as a practitioner. Needless to say, I am now the proud owner of the “Bliss” scent and I use it daily!


4. Non-toxic makeup: My blush, mascara and eyeliner are Pure Anada. I also have lipstick and powder foundation (not pictured) from Pure Anada as well, which I only wear on occasion. I keep things pretty simple, but I LOVE the effectiveness and great price of this high quality brand! My favourite liquid foundation goes out to Elate Cosmetics, which can be purchased through


5. The Honest Company Detangler - The only product I apply to my hair after washing and before drying. This product smells amazing and keeps my hair super soft and frizz-free!

6. doTERRA On Guard Sanitizer Mist - This is a product I keep in my bag to use in place of chemical-based sanitizers! I love the smell, and I’ve seen some pretty impressive studies via PubMed where doTERRA’s On Guard essential oil was able to completely eradicate the influenza virus. We love keeping this essential oil on hand for all sorts of things around the house, but lately I also love having this little sanitizing mist on hand! Such a great, practical use of this oil!


Well friends, there you have it…. A list of ALL of my top picks for natural products! And if you feel so inclined, you can also check out this free video training I did on this exact topic. In it, I mention 2 of my all-time favourite resources for learning more about the products you currently have, as well as for helping you figure out which products you want to try next: The Think Dirty App and the EWG Skin Deep Database. Enjoy!

In health,

P.S. Are there any other products or resources you’d add to this list? Let me know in the comment below!

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