Benefits of Dry Brushing & How to do it

Happy Friday!

Let's kick off the weekend with a new video! Today on YouTube, I'm chatting all about the benefits of dry brushing and how you can incorporate this simple detox routine into your daily life.

I LOVE dry brushing because it helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, aiding the body in eliminating toxins and impurities. Plus, with the 7 Day Holistic Detox program starting in April (BTW, have you registered yet?), I thought this would be the PERFECT time to talk about it!

I also find that dry brushing provides a nice little caffeine-free energy boost. Can't go wrong with that! ;)

Here's the video. And PSST - If you'd like to get your hands on a FREE printable dry-brushing guide, have a peek below the video! Enjoy!


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