5 Instances When You Should Probably See a Nutritionist

Asking for help when things are out of whack health-wise can be intimidating, especially when it comes to diet. Many folks simply commit to trying to solve their wellness woes alone, and while that may be all you need in some cases, here are a few instances when you should probably see a Nutritionist.

1. Your poop is trying to tell you something.

If you find yourself going to the bathroom too much or too little, this could be your body’s way of telling you that something needs to change. You could be deficient in certain vitamins or minerals that your body is craving, or maybe you need to increase OR even decrease your fibre intake. Maybe you’ve got an imbalance of bacteria in your gut, or maybe one teeny tiny tweak in your diet could change MORE than just your poop – Perhaps it could also enhance your energy, vitality and skin health too!

Generally speaking, if you’re going less than 1-2 times per day, you could benefit from speaking with a Nutrition professional.


2. If you’ve tried it all and nothing seems to work.

Seriously though – If you’ve tried a zillion different diets and you’re still stuck, stop blaming yourself. I hear FAR too many people say things like, “I just don’t have enough willpower!” and every time, my heart breaks.

My friends, please look at this situation from a different perspective. If you’ve tried to make a change and fallen off the wagon, congratulations – You’re human! Now instead of blaming yourself and assuming this is a sign of weakness (Because it isn’t!), let’s consider for a moment that perhaps your body is trying to tell you something. Maybe you reduced your calories too low, or perhaps you weren’t getting enough fat to properly fuel you (Did you know that the brain’s solid mass is made of over 60% fat?), so your body’s hunger receptors are going through the roof as a way to ask you to give it what it needs!

So, if you’ve tried it all and nothing seems to work, consider hiring a Nutritionist who can help to pinpoint the long-term changes you can make that will truly stick!


3. If you take a $5 bottle of vitamins from the local drug store.

They say you are what you eat, right? But a Nutritionist might tell you that you are what you ABSORB, assimilate and digest. Qualified nutrition professionals are well-versed in how vitamin and mineral supplements work in the body, which kinds are safest to use, and which can provide the most bang for your buck! To learn more about the various health products that could benefit you, reach out to a Nutritionist who will look at your individual needs.

a Nutritionist might tell you that you are what you ABSORB, assimilate and digest.

4. If you’ve been diagnosed with ANYTHING and you’re not sure whether diet can play a role.

High cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, insulin resistance, gallstones, depression, heck – even Heartburn! If you’ve been diagnosed with any sort of condition and you’ve wondered whether diet plays a role in supporting the body through it, you might be pleasantly surprised by what you learn from a session or two with a qualified Nutrition professional!


5. If you suspect you may have an allergy or intolerance.

Do certain foods make you feel tired, cranky, or foggy? Do you ever have digestive upset before or after consuming a meal? Do you struggle with skin problems or allergic reactions that you suspect could be related to your diet? Registered nutrition professionals not only have access to various forms of testing that can help you to decipher the messages your body is trying to tell you, they can also usually spot the signs of what may be to blame for how you feel, just from reviewing your typical diet.

FACT: In many cases, we crave the foods we're allergic to! Once you know for sure whether you’ve got an intolerance, a Nutritionist can also help you modify your diet so you don’t even miss that old food! 



You eat food every day as a means of survival, because food is what fuels every cell in your body. Nutritionists are the professionals that understand the science of food and how you can use it to create optimal health and vitality.

If you’ve been suffering in silence with any of the above listed issues, reaching out to a qualified nutritionist could be the best investment you ever make.

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