Meet Michelle

Michelle Breau, Holistic Nutritionist (RHNP), specializes in helping her clients to form healthy, lasting relationships with food, and is an educator on safe, natural ways to detoxify the home, kitchen, body and mind. She believes that the best medicines can come from our own backyard in the form of whole foods, herbs, spices and more, and she aims to educate and inspire those who are looking for a deeper understanding of how to use them. She does this by providing informative and enjoyable programs to restore your confidence and understanding of holistic wellness so you can live your best and most vibrant life.

Michelle's  journey to wellness began after high school when she struggled with both skin and digestive issues. She began researching ways to heal her body naturally, and realized her passion for Nutrition while sharing what she was learning with others. She has since completed her diploma in Nutrition from ICS Canada, her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, and her advanced diploma in Holistic Nutrition with Nutraphoria School of Holistic Nutrition.  

Throughout her time in school, Michelle also worked in a clinic setting as a Naturopathic Health Advisor, supporting those dealing with various ailments naturally. She then went on to start a small coaching practice where she helped hundreds of people to lose weight and find joy in the journey to their healthiest, happiest selves.

In 2016 while in the hospital having her son, Michelle contracted an infection which caused a severe gut imbalance. While doctor's struggled to find a diagnosis, things became life threatening with her spleen, liver and kidneys showing signs of acute injury. After spending nearly a year and a half seeking a diagnosis through conventional medicine, she decided to fully embrace the holistic route. She found a practitioner who was able to begin putting the pieces together on the first visit, and the process of healing herself with food continues to this day. This experience only served to deepen Michelle's desire to support others wanting to take their health into their own hands.

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Let’s build wellness rather than treating disease.
— Dr. Bruce Daggy